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by MOOG AdminSep.17.2012

MOOG® Coated Components Combat CorrosionAluminum control arms are becoming more and more popular on vehicles, as manufacturers try to reduce weight.

Many of these control arms are equipped with a ball joint. Because of the strength needed to perform their duty, these ball joints, like all others, are made of steel. (In the case of MOOG – that would be fine-grain forged steel).

As you may know, steel and aluminum don’t get along too well together – the result is galvanic corrosion. It even gets worse when you throw in a catalyst, like road salt. This corrosion can make it very difficult to remove the ball joint, thus forcing one to replace the entire control arm. Plus this corrosion over time can weaken both the control arm and the ball joint, or introduce additional contaminants into the ball socket. Overall, this corrosion can lead to additional repair cost and vehicle down-time.

To combat this corrosion, MOOG utilizes a Zinc-Dichromate coating (looks like gold plating) or resin coating (almost a flat black color) on the ball joint housing and/or ball stud. MOOG even provides a special nut that will not react with the aluminum surface. These coatings also provide addition salt-spray (or “environmental” protection).

MOOG® Ball Joint Coated With Zinc Chromate K80141 features zinc-dichromate surfaces and a coated nut

MOOG® Ball Joint - Resin Coated K500065 features resin and zinc-dichromate surfaces and a coated nut

MOOG® non-reactive ball joint nut MOOG® non-reactive ball joint nut

It is important that, when you go to replace the ball joint in an aluminum control arm, you install a component that has the proper coating or material enhancement to prevent galvanic corrosion from occurring down the road. (It is interesting to note that many manufacturers may skip this step to save cost, or because they feel it unnecessary.)

We review this topic in of two of our Problem Solvers: 25959, 211001 and on our video about coatings.

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Terry Costew October 6, 2013 at 4:39 pm

I would like to purchase lower control arms for my 2003 Honda Pilot. The part numbers are :RK621349 and RK621350. When I’ve tried to purchase them I’ve been told they are not available yet. Can you tell me what the delay is and when they will be made available for purchase.

Thank you,


MOOG Blog Team October 8, 2013 at 3:48 pm


These parts became available on 8/20 and we have them in inventory at our facility. You might want to check around, you will probably have to have them ordered for you.

Thanks for considering MOOG!


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