Heavy Duty Universal Joints

MOOG premium universal joints are machined to meet or exceed original equipment standards. Each u-joint part is precision-ground to the strictest tolerances, with quality control inspections at every step of the manufacturing process.

MOOG® Super Strength Universal Joints

  1. Bearing cups are cold-formed and case-hardened with a state-of-the-art manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality. All parts are ground to stringent tolerances with quality control inspections at every step of the manufacturing process.
  2. Grease fitting holes are drilled and tapped. Most Precision Heavy Duty u-joints feature dual grease fittings for easier access during regular joint maintenance.
  3. Cross trunnions have large grease reservoirs that feature radial grease channels for optimal grease distribution.
  4. Cross trunnions are ground during manufacturing to a 10-20 RMS finish. This provides a smooth surface that is free of microscopic grooves that can cause premature wear.
  5. Internal anti-drainback valve is integrated into the thrust washer to control lubrication flow and prevent dry start-up.
  6. Needle bearings are made from the highest quality bearing steel and are heat treated and ground to provide maximum life and load-carrying capabilities.
  7. High quality nitrile seals are long-wearing and abrasion-resistant. They extent the life of the u-joint by retaining lubricant in the bearings and keeping contaminants out. Metal protective shields are used on most applications to provide an extra level of protection and extend seal life.