Technician Tips

On 2007-2009 Dodge Calibers and Jeep Compass vehicles, the front lower control arm has an integral ball joint. This ball joint can be replaced with the MOOG K500063 Lower Ball Joint…

TIP # 8.17

Every alignment should include a comprehensive parts inspection to ensure vehicle safety, longer tire life and improved fuel efficiency!

It is important to torque steering and suspension components to proper torque specifications. We include torque specifications in many of our instruction sheets, most of which are available here. NOTE: When torqueing a castle nut with a cotter pin, always tighten it to align the hole to insert the cotter pin – never back off.

TIP # 10.30

Using the new MOOG Vertical Control Arm Bushing will make it easier to install the control arm by allowing quick alignment of the bushing sleeve to the bolt hole.

When servicing the flat zerk fitting found on some MOOG parts (particularly the MOOG Super-Strength™ U-Joint) you’ll need a grease gun adapter needle. MOOG engineers recommend the Lincoln Lubrication 5803 grease needle nozzle.