Front End Shimmy

Front End Shimmy

Light Truck / SUV Diagnostic Diagram - Front End Shimmy


MOOG&reg Bushings


Rubber bushings (located at the point where a control arm or sway bar connects to the vehicle) absorb shock that may travel through the component.

MOOG&reg Tie Rod Ends

Tie Rod

The tie rod is one of the major pivot points in the steering system. It’s a rod with a “ball and socket” at one end that connects to the steering arm or other linkage. When the steering wheel moves, the ball and socket allows the wheels to turn. Stud swing from side to side allows the tie rod to function as the vehicle moves up and down.

MOOG&reg Springs

Coil Springs

There are several types of springs (leaf, torsion bar, air), but coils are the most popular. Made of metal, they eventually fatigue, causing height changes. This leads to improper suspension geometry and can cause poor handling and ride quality and excessive tire wear. Coil springs are one of the most overlooked areas when a vehicle runs out of adjustment.

MOOG Idler Arm

Idler Arm

the idler arm is mounted to the vehicle frame, or uni-body, to support the right side of the center link and keep the steering linkage level.


MOOG Pitman Arm

Pitman Arm

the pitman arm is mounted to the splined shaft of the steering gear box and moves from side to side as the steering wheel is rotated. The other end of the pitman arm is attached to the center link.

MOOG Center Link

Center Link

the center link (or sometimes known as a “drag link”) is found in the center of the system. it transmits the steering force from the pitman arm to the tie rods as it moves from side to side when the vehicle is steered. it is held up by the idler arm on the passenger side.

MOOG&reg Ball Joint

Ball Joint

The ball joint is the suspension pivot closest to the wheels. It is mounted to the control arm and steering knuckle, or spindle. The ball joint stud swings in its socket to compensate for up-and-down suspension movement and rotates in its socket for steering. The ball joint works in the steering and suspension systems simultaneously.