The MOOG® Boot

by MOOG AdminSep.17.2012

The MOOG® BootJust like a good quality hunting boot that fits well, keeps your feet dry from the elements, breathes and is built to last, so is the MOOG boot!

The MOOG boot fits tight, keeps out contaminants, allows for grease flow, and is built to last.

MOOG incorporates factory installed, or easy to install sealed dust boots in many applications. The MOOG premium boot design is computer engineered and stress-tested to ensure long life.

Specially Designed Grease Relief ValveGrease-relief valve allows contaminant flushing.

MOOG boots also incorporate a grease relief valve, a small, one way indentation that allows grease to exit the boot when the part is serviced. This allows for old grease and any contaminents that have found their way into the part to be flushed out. The valve also makes sure that the part is not overfilled with grease.

And you’ll notice that all MOOG boots are black. While some other manufacturers try to make their boots more attractive by coloring them blue, the use of blue neoprene may compromise the tensile strength and wear resistance of the rubber.

Often carbon black, a key ingredient, is removed from the compound to achieve the blue color. MOOG uses uses only premium black neoprene.

And not all black boots are the same either. Low cost dust boot manufacturers compromise the rubber chemistry to reduce cost and as a result reduce the boot’s strength and wear resistance. MOOG dust boots are manufactured to a strict material specification.

Boot Tensile Strength ChartFinite Element Analysis evaluates stress areas during development.

So before you send a car out in the wild, be sure that is wearing the best boots available! Refer to Problem Solver 27014 for more on this subject. Also, DYK11-102 provides some good tips on properly installing a tight-fitting MOOG boot.